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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
Changzhou Trustec Company is working on the solutions for hvac fan motors and blower fans.
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
Trustec company is continuously developing branded distributors from the established year 2011 until now.
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
ODM Quality Guarantee One-stop Service Solution Supplier
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
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Trustec Motor attending 2024 CR show in Beijing from April 8 to 10

Trustec Motor attending 2024 CR show in Beijing from April 8 to 10

Changzhou Trustec Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production and sales. We mainly supply AC/EC blowers and motors for the heating, the ventilation and the air conditioning systems, commercial cooling systems and new energy power system.   As a solutions manufacturer in the HVAC industry, we are committed to providing people with a more comfortable working and living environment. In addition to introducing and absorbing advanced domestic and foreign technology, we consistently take the independent innovation and constantly make the new and improved products. Our company was approved as a high-tech enterprise in 2021. We have had many patents, software copyrights, and invention patents, and has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with large and medium-sized universities.   Through in-depth cooperation, we have the advanced fully automatic assembly line production equipment and high-precision testing equipment. All procedures of our production strictly implement ISO9001:2015 quality management standards. Our products have had passed CCC, ROSH, SABER, UL CSA, CE, UKCA certification. In addition to being sold in mainland China, various products are also exported to more than 80 countries such as USA, Mexico, Brazil, Holland, UK, Australia and so on.   We adhere to the business philosophy of "People-oriented, Teamwork, Quality first, and Pursuit of excellence", we accumulate time and effort, we cultivate and introduce high-end talents, we encourage employees to continuously innovate and improve, we ultimately establish a professional team taking technology as the foundation of service and customers demand is the core of service. Trustec is more than motor and trusted by domestic and overseas customers, We are capable of providing the customers with solutions including the customized options and one stop service for OEM and ODM business to meet the customers’ different requirement. We are willing to work with you as your trusted supplier for the bright future.  
2024-04-04 15:46:21
AC vs. DC vs. EC

AC vs. DC vs. EC

AC vs. DC vs. EC  Difference of AC, DC and EC motors.pdf All electric motors serve the same function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, but they accomplish this in different ways. The method used depends mainly on the power supplied to the motor, as this affects the way their magnetic fields are created and controlled. For this reason, motors are often categorized as being AC, DC, or EC. In the fan industry, common types of each include the AC induction motor, DC brushed motor, and EC permanent magnet motor.     Why Choose an EC Fan The benefits of EC fans are clear, so the decision to upgrade often comes down to the payback period. This can only be determined after an analysis has been completed by a professional energy consultant. The financial benefit of an EC fan upgrade needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, the following results can generally be expected: The lower the efficiency of the fan being replaced, the faster the payback period will be. Replacing fans that are used frequently will provide higher savings than upgrading fans that are only used moderately. EC fans are an attractive option for applications that require speed control. Other types of motors suffer a drastic reduction in efficiency at partial speeds. The energy savings are higher when fans with EC motors are deployed in air-conditioned or refrigerated spaces. EC technology combines the advantages of AC and DC motors within a compact, yet versatile, package. The integrated electronics ensure optimal efficiency, even at partial load, which represents a significant opportunity to save on operating costs. Implementing one of the built-in control methods is the best way to take full advantage of all the benefits that EC fans provide.
2022-12-01 22:17:39