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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
LOAD MATCHINGOur factory elaborately choose 100% pure copper wire and capacitor with appropriate volume, our professional manager is able to provide you accurate purchase guide.NOISE CONTROLOur producers carefully check the drawing and process the shaft and end cover; our inspectors check the dynamic balance repeatedly.HEAT PRODUCTION ​DECREASETotally copper line lead to less heat production; IP55 class insulation paper avoid cutting-out; multiple inspections ensure no carelessness exist; ...
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
Our missionPromote wonderful life by service and technology, as well as the matter and spirit harvest of all employees.Our visionTo be the benchmarking enterprise in export business of China motor industry.Our valuesRespectWe seek to maintain the ethical code of conduct and be respectful to one another.TrustWe uphold the highest levels of integrity by honoring all our commitments.TeamworkWe co-ordinate with one another as well as our clients and suppliers to optimize our knowledge and understand...
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
ODMDepending on trusTec team's powerful designing and manufacturing ability, customers' special needs of the motors and fans, including performance parameters and mounting dimensions, will be perfectly fulfilled.The beneficial ODM co-operative relation will be warmly established with trust and loyalty.Quality GuaranteeAll motors from trusTec are manufactured by strictly following the ISO9001 quality management system.All motors enjoy at least 2 full years warranty since leaving the factory.100% ...
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Changzhou  Trustec  Company Limited
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Trustec owns professional R&D talents focus on the motor design and develop for over 20 years.Trustec manufacturing staff represents the most loyalty, high efficiency and skill.Trustec sales team is always competent, honest and efficient to customers’ requirement (See the picture about the export sales team).Trustec export business is experienced for more than 10 years, especially in the America and Mid-east market.Trustec top management is all born from motor technicians.
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How The Condenser Fan Motor Works

How The Condenser Fan Motor Works

A condenser fan motor is a component in the condensing unit of an HVAC system, which is located outdoors. It has a significant effect on the comfort level in your home. As such, it plays an important role in sustaining the cooling process in your air-conditioner. It helps produce cool air by drawing air in from the outside and expelling heat into the outdoor air. Without proper maintenance, a condenser fan motor can accumulate dirt, dust, and debris. Plus, it will experience increased wear and tear over time. And this can lead to warmer air, poorer airflow, and a stuffier indoor environment. A smooth-running condenser fan motor doesn’t only make your home comfortable. It can also help reduce your energy consumption. Furthermore, it improves your indoor air quality, and extends the life of your equipment. How The Condenser Fan Motor Works Let’s look at how a condenser fan motor works. For this, you need a basic idea of the operation of the outdoor condensing unit. Basically, the condenser is the heat exchanger of your HVAC system. It cools and condenses gaseous refrigerant to a liquid state. After turning into liquid, the refrigerant travels through the condenser coil and heads to the evaporator. In the evaporator, it’s transformed into a gas again and the cycle is repeated. The condenser fan motor is usually located close to the top of the condensing unit. It is protected by a guard or grille that prevents debris and objects from obstructing its fan’s movement. When hot gas moves through the condenser coil, the motor turns the fan blades and blows outdoor air over the coil. This causes the gaseous refrigerant to turn into liquid. During this process, it also transfers the latent heat that comes from the refrigerant to the surrounding air.
2022-09-19 16:37:37
2023 AHR show we come again

2023 AHR show we come again

2023-02-06 13:36:06